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Essay about Law 421 Final - 1045 Words us digital millennium copyright act yahoo answers

Law/421 Final Only available on StudyMode Topic: Common law , Contract , Tort Pages : 4 (1045 words ) Download(s) : 10007 Published : August 12, 2013 Open Document → Save to my library
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Text Preview LAW/421 Final Exam – 2013 GRADE WAS 28/30 1) Which of the following does not result in a decision rendered by the hearing officer? B. Mediation 2) Jurisprudence is defined as C. the science and philosophy of law 3) The state of Kansas has enacted a new law requiring all commercial trucks driving on Kansas roads to have special mud flaps installed. These mud flaps have been proven to make driving in the rain significantly safer due to reduced mist created by trucks driving in the rain, although data regarding accidents and injuries has not yet been determined. Any truck entering Kansas must have these flaps installed or will be subject to a significant fine and delay. The cost for purchase and installation of these flaps is $1,000 per truck. In short, trucks must have these flaps or go around the state. This Kansas law D. is invalid because although on its face it's an intrastate law, this statute will have a significant economic effect on interstate commerce causing an undue burden 4) The power of preemption is derived from D. the Supremacy Clause 5) What is the main problem with international courts? C. Enforcing a ruling on sovereign nations is difficult 6) Under the U.S. legal system, subject to some exceptions, costs of litigation regarding both the plaintiff and defendant C. are paid for by each side with the plaintiff and defendant paying for their own legal costs 7) Generally, torts law is governed by B. state common law 8) Assumption of risk is a defense to B. negligence 9) The three stripes on Adidas clothing represents a A. trademark 10) The color or shape of an item, if distinctive, is a B. trade dress 11) Cybersquatting describes the practice of A. registering multiple domain names and then selling them back to companies at inflated prices 12) The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (1998) provided each of the following protections EXCEPT A. manufacturers of CD-Writers were required to pay 2%... Show More Please sign up to read full document.

YOU MAY ALSO FIND THESE DOCUMENTS HELPFUL Essay about LAW 421 Final Exam Answers ... LAW 421 Final Exam Are you preparing for Law 421 Final Exam? Do you feel that you are not polished enough to pass the first time out? Are you confused about the question pattern? If you are going to pay attention to the bellow information, you will have a clear change of succeeding. As Michael Jorden said “If you're trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I've had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” And here we will help you out to figure out everything that would help you to cross any hurdle of this exam. To be true the test isn’t tough enough if you prepare yourself from the beginning. Law 421 is an essential part of the higher education and to gain good grades one has to put it some efforts. With our help you won’t go through any hassle and headache that other’s goes through when this exam comes knocking, Preparation is everything, and with our courses and strategies you would have a good chance to top whenever you take Law 421 final exam. Review Our Course Work and Notes The first thing that you would want to do is to review all coursework. Here we provide you with the entire course of Law 421 final exam.... 669  Words | 2  Pages

Essay on Law 421 ... Individual Paper Mary made an offer to Liam and Mike for them to paint her house for $2500. There is no statement on whether or not they verbally accepted her offer which in this case does not make it an agreement. It makes it an offer and since Mary saw Bill’s advertisement, which is considered an offer, and by her calling and making arrangements with Bill’s she accepted his offer. Mike and Liam can say that Mary is in breach of contract but in fact no acceptance was made on their part. How did they know what time to arrive? Or what color to paint the house? Since acceptance is what makes the offer an oral agreement and a binding contract, no match was made to the offer. When Mary made the offer to pay $2500 for Mike and Liam to paint her house, they should have responded by accepting her offer and even could have bargained by her paying them the money plus supplies. Mary should be the one to win in this case for the fact that her offer was not accepted initially at the time she offered it and therefore is not legally bound to pay them anything. However they could be considered as trespassing and destruction of property since they were on her property without her initially consent. Since they did not agree at the time she was unaware that they would be showing up. She in this case can be considered a consumer looking for the best deal. She offered the job to Mike and Liam and the next day found a better offer. She is allowed to change her mind as to who is... 370  Words | 2  Pages

LAW 421 Final Exam Essay ... This file of LAW 421 Final Exam shows the solutions to the following problems: 1) Which of the following does not result in a decision rendered by the hearing officer? 2) Jurisprudence is defined as 3) The state of Kansas has enacted a new law requiring all commercial trucks driving on Kansas roads to have special mud flaps installed. These mud flaps have been proven (o make (hiving in (he rain significantly safer due to (educed mist created by (tucks driving in the fain, although data regarding accidents and injuries has not yet been determined. Any truck entering Kansas must have these flaps installed or will be subject to a significant fine and delay. The cost for purchase and installation of these flops is $1,000 per truck. In short, trucks must have these flaps or go around the state. This Kansas law 4) The power of preemption is derived from 5) What is the main problem with international courts? 6) Under the U.S. legal system, subject to some exceptions, costs of litigation regarding both the plaintiff and defendant 7) Generally, torts law Is governed by 8) Assumption of risk is a defense to 9) The three stripes on Adidas clothing represents a 10) The color or shape of an item, if distinctive, is a 11) Cybersquatting describes the practice of 12) The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (1998) provided each of the following... 711  Words | 4  Pages

LAW 421 GROCERY PRESENTATION TEAM C FINAL Essay ...Case Scenario:  Grocery Inc.,  Presentation  Glenn Devillier, Cara Birritteri, Richardson Fong and Nilson Goncalves Introduction  Review Case Studies:  Grocery Inc. Uniform Commercial Code  Grocery Inc. Renovations  Grocery Inc. (Jeff)  Gap Filing Rule (Cereal Inc.)  Harry and Tom Breach of Contract  Grocery Inc. (Jason)  Supplier, Inc. (Bill) Grocery Inc. Uniform  Commercial Code UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC) Article 2 Common Law Contract • Common law applies to contracts originated and/or performed within a single jurisdiction or state. • Common law applies to the employment contract between Grocery, Inc. and both Tom and Jeff in the store • • • Article 2 "applies only to contracts for the sale of goods) Artisale of goods The definition of goods is defined as goods that are "tangible, movable, or personal property UCC Article 2 "does not apply to service contracts Grocery, Inc. Renovations Grocery, Inc. contracted with company A. Grocery. Inc. was not aware of the subcontract. Grocery, Inc.: Sued Company A for breach of Contract and specific performance   Company A’s Defense: Impracticability and rights to delegate Company A is responsible for the poor workmanship of Company B BREACH OF CONTRACT  Tom’ Offer???  Assessing Tom’s position  Determining Breach Of Contract  Harry’s Legal Position  Acceptance of Offer?  Assessing Harry’s Defense. GROCERY INC. (JEFF) JEFF VS. STEVE Possible... 1103  Words | 20  Pages

Essay about Law 421 week 2 work ... Law 421 /Week Two What are the elements of negligence? How does an intentional tort differ from negligence? Provide examples. Intentional torts can be described as deliberate acts to harm someone. Negligence can be described to deliberately choose not to act in order to fix a problem which ultimately results in someone being harmed. There are several elements that need to be present in order for a claim to be considered negligence (Melvin, 2011). According to our text these elements need to be present in order to be considered negligence: Duty: Did the tortfeasor owe a duty of care to the injured party? Breach of duty: Did the tortfeasor fail to exercise reasonable care? Cause in fact: Except for the breach of duty by the tortfeasor, would the injured party have suffered damages? Proximate (legal) cause: Was there a legally recognized and close-in-proximity link between the breach of duty and the damages suffered by the injured party? Actual damages: Did the injured party suffer some physical harm that resulted in identifi hagebhsx. moncler mens t shirt saleable losses? (Melvin,2011) A perfect example would be the case of Stella Liebeck against McDonalds. This is something my wife and I talked about when it first happened. We felt that to sue a company over coffee being hot was absurd. Coffee is typically hot that’s common sense, however after learning how badly Ms Liebeck was injured I have definitely changed my views on this case. Ms Liebeck spilled her coffee on herself which... 1527  Words | 5  Pages

Essay about B LAW FINAL ...However, if you sell something like this, you are also selling away your rights. Razorback sold the loan due to unconventional reasons so Razorback has no right to collect from the LLC. Logically, Razorback can hold the LLC members liable for their loss (no, Razorback sold the loan. If you sell something, you have no more rights in it. So, Razorback has no right to collect from the LLC. Off the paper answer, why would Razorback sell a $100,000 note for $80,000? Razorback probably decided the risk that the LLC would not make the future payments was worth selling the note for a loss right now. ) since Shawn and Bryan both cosigned for the loan. When LLC designated as member-managed LLC, all members have authority to bind LLC under agency law to contracts on behalf of LLC. But at the end of the day, it is up to the court on whether they deserve those damages. Razorback intentionally put them self in a position where they were receiving a loss. Another issue here is whether Tiger can collect payments for the newly acquired loan. In this situation we have to consider whether Tiger is a holder in due course. From the requirements to be a HDC, Tiger does not acquire a security interest in the instrument; he did not receive anything in collateral if the LLC fails to make their payments.Tiger is taking a hold of a properly negotiated negotiable instrument, Tiger gives value by accepting a previously existing debt, the loan was taken in good faith, and it didn’t... 1426  Words | 3  Pages

Law 421- Role Functions Essay ... Roles and Functions of Law Ezra Bridger February 10, 2014 University of Phoenix LAW / 421 Roles and Functions of Law Everything that we do in life has some sort of law attached to it and we as citizens have a role. For most average citizen, every day is just like any other day. We tackle our day with the things we need to do like go to work or doing our daily errands. These daily tasks are performed without the law ever crossing our minds. Although we abide by the rules and laws , we sometimes forget that we are doing it. For example, driving to the store seems like a simple task but it actually consists of several laws that we must follow. First, we must obey traffic laws and once we are in the store, there are laws in place to keep the shopping experience safe. Even the swipe of a credit card has several laws attached to it. The roles and functions of law in business and society are made to make our lives safer and fair. Society is to follow a set of rules and conduct that is arranged by a controlling authority that has permissible binding force. The main objective for any law is the intention of protecting citizens. It is a difficult task to write up laws that will cover very important issues. There are laws that draw the fine lines when it pertains to... 738  Words | 2  Pages

Essay about Law 421 ...Case Scenario: Big Time Toymaker LAW / 421 Case Scenario: Big Time Toymaker Read the “Theory to Practice” section at the end of Ch. 6 of the text. Answer Questions 1 through 6 based on the scenario in the “Theory to Practice” section, and complete the following in your response: At the conclusion of the situation, BTT says that it's not serious about releasing Chou’s new technique game, Strat. Presuming BTT and Chou have got a deal, and BTT has breached the agreement by not releasing the game, discuss what solutions may or may not apply. At what point, if ever, did the parties have a contract? By studying the situation, I don't believe the 2 sides concerned ever had a deal. In the situation, the sides reached a deal just 3 days ahead of the conclusion of a 90-day time frame set in the initial negotiation deal. In the initial negotiation deal, it says that there would be no distribution agreement until it was on paper. As soon as the BTT manager posted the e-mail to Chou, he described the conditions of a distribution contract; however it doesn't make the email an agreement as neither side inked it. Just a verbal deal was reached. With no legally binding draft and the signature of both sides present, no agreement existed. What facts may weigh in favor of or against Chou in terms of the parties’ objective intent to contract? BTT had paid out Chou $25,000 for the unique negotiation legal rights to... 952  Words | 3  Pages

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us digital millennium copyright act yahoo answers

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us digital millennium copyright act yahoo answers
moncler baby outlet Protect Digital Assets After Your Death From social media to online bills, it is essential to plan what will happen to your virtual life once you are gone.


By Eleanor Laise , Senior Editor
From Kiplinger's Retirement Report, May 2013

Let's face it: Your e-mail account, Facebook page and online photo albums are likely to outlive you. Deciding how to manage your digital legacy just may be your trickiest estate-planning task.

See Also: Special Report on Estate Planning

As people increasingly live—and die—online, family members and estate executors are left to sift through e-mail messages, Facebook status updates, blog posts, tweets and other digital remains that may have significant financial or personal value. And even if they have all the required passwords, many heirs will find they have no clear authority to access or manage the online accounts of the deceased. A confusing and sometimes contradictory snarl of online user agreements and state and federal laws can restrict Internet users' ability to transfer their online accounts to loved ones after their death and prevent families from retrieving information stored in the digital realm.

Despite the devilish details, it's essential to include online accounts in the estate-planning process. Failure to plan ahead may prevent loved ones from recovering family photos or videos or settling your final bills. It also could leave your estate vulnerable to post-mortem identity theft, if fraudsters decide to apply for credit cards in your name while nobody's watching your accounts.

What's more, a library of digital music or an Internet domain name that you own may have financial value that's significant to your estate. The domain name, for example, recently sold for $60,000, according to domain-name marketplace Sedo. "We shouldn't dismiss our digital assets as insignificant or unimportant," says Evan Carroll, co-author of Your Digital Afterlife (New Riders, $25). "The things that may seem ephemeral to us are very valuable to heirs once we're gone."


The value of these assets can go far beyond the financial worth in the wake of a loved one's death. After her brother died in 2011, Melinda Miller quickly had his Facebook account "memorialized," meaning friends can still post messages on his page, but no one can log in to the account. "That first six months, I didn't know if my parents were going to recover" from the loss, says Miller, 41, an elementary school principal in Springfield, Mo. But as friends have continued to post photos, songs and holiday greetings on her brother's page, "it's very comforting to the family to see the messages continue," she says. "It's like a memory wall."

The first step for seniors starting to navigate this new world of digital estate planning is to recognize the obstacles they face. Each online service provider has its own terms of service—the legal mumbo-jumbo you click through when you open your account—and those terms often say that you can't transfer your account or hand off your password to anyone else. Those restrictions pose a challenge for heirs who might want to access your e-mail account, for example, to retrieve bills and other documents.

Providers differ on how they handle the accounts of deceased users, but some are starting to help users plan their digital afterlife. The Yahoo terms of service, for example, say that "any rights to your Yahoo! ID or contents within your account terminate upon your death," and accounts may be deleted if a death certificate is submitted. Google in April introduced a new feature allowing users to specify that after a certain period of inactivity their account data should be deleted or passed along to specific individuals. At Facebook, relatives may be able to request the contents of the account—a lengthy process involving a court order—or ask that the page be deleted.

Federal laws present another hurdle. If you use your late mother's password to log on to her account, you may violate not only the provider's terms of service but also the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which governs certain unauthorized access to computers. And a federal privacy law, the Stored Communications Act, can limit providers' ability to share deceased users' account contents with relatives.


A handful of states, meanwhile, have passed laws attempting to clarify executors' power to manage a deceased person's digital assets. But given the variations in the state laws, federal laws and technology companies' terms of service, some legal experts say such legislation has done little to remedy the confusion. "It is a very unsettled area" of law, says Gerry Beyer, law professor at Texas Tech University. The Uniform Law Commission, which helps standardize state laws across the U.S. by drafting model legislation, currently has a committee working on the issue.

Some accounts that you access online don't pose much of an estate-planning challenge. Because financial institutions have clear procedures for handling an account holder's death, it's relatively straightforward for executors to arrange for the transfer of assets to beneficiaries, estate planners say.

Protecting Your Digital Afterlife

Although many other online accounts remain in a legal fog, seniors who take a few simple steps now can greatly increase the odds that their online afterlife will be handled according to their wishes.

First, take inventory of all your online accounts, including e-mail, social networks, blogging sites, photo-sharing sites, frequent-flier accounts, shopping sites such as, credit card accounts, and online bill-payment accounts, such as those established with utilities. For each account, list log-in and password information as well as answers to "secret" questions.


The security of such a list is a critical question. One solution: Use a password-management system such as or 1Password ( ). These services will encrypt your log-in and password information and keep it stored on your own computer. You'll have a master password to unlock the data, so it's easy to retrieve and update password information. Another option: Save the list in a password-protected document on your computer. Don't put any password information in your will, which becomes a public document.

When you've completed your inventory, write down where you've stored the information and the master password needed to access it. Put that information in your safe deposit box or in your attorney's vault. Seniors creating a power of attorney document should also include specific language authorizing their agents to deal with their digital assets, Beyer says.

Next, consider signing a statement, which can be drafted by an estate-planning lawyer, authorizing the companies that hold your online information to disclose that information to your executor or other representative, says James Lamm, estate-planning attorney at Gray Plant Mooty, in Minneapolis. The authorization may be included in your will. That way, your executor can request a copy of the contents of your online accounts, rather than trying to access the account directly—and possibly running afoul of the terms of service or federal law, Lamm says. "That should work, but I can't guarantee it," he says. "That's as good as we can get under current law."

Seniors may be able to avoid sticky legal questions by downloading their online account information to a home computer. Some tech companies are making this process easier. Facebook, for example, allows users to get a copy of all of their correspondence with friends, photos and other account content in a single download. A service called Backupify ( ) will also help download content from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and other personal accounts.


A cottage industry of online data-management companies has begun selling services that claim to transfer your digital assets to your beneficiaries. One such service is offered by SecureSafe, launched in 2009 by Zurich-based online storage company DSwiss. It has already signed up more than 300,000 individuals and is adding roughly 10,000 new customers a week, says spokesman Andreas Jacob. But legal experts say such services don't resolve the potential conflicts with online providers' terms of service or federal laws. SecureSafe's terms of service say that users must comply with the laws of their own country, Jacob says.

Even when family members have shared all their passwords with each other, managing online accounts can be difficult. Karen Marcus, 39, of Richmond, Va., had all of her husband's passwords when he died in 2010, but she didn't have all of the log-in IDs he used for online bill payments. She tried to convert the online bills back to paper statements, which wasn't an easy process. Her electricity was turned off, she says, after the power company was slow to send her the paper bill that she had requested. But when dealing with such a loss, she says, "you don't know what day it is, what time it is. And you want to make things as simple, as tactile, as possible."

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The current ISBN-13 is prefixed by "978"; Group or country identifier which identifies a national or geographic grouping of publishers; Publisher identifier which identifies a particular publisher within a group; Title identifier which identifies a particular title or edition of a title; Check digit is the single digit at the end of the ISBN which validates the ISBN. Do I need an ISBN to sell my book in bookstore? No. Can I purchase an ISBN even though I'm not publishing my book on Yes. Can I use an ISBN that I didn't purchase from Yes. You can use any ISBN13 you have for your book whether it was purchased through us or not. What is the difference between an ISBN-10 and an ISBN-13? The 10 and 13 after the ISBN indicates the number of digits in the ISBN. Due to growth in books published the 10 digits ISBN numbers are running out and are being replaced with the 13 digit numbers. The ISBN-10 is being phased out. I purchased an ISBN from and I received an email with an ISBN-10 and an ISBN-13 number, why? All ISBN-13 numbers are still assigned an ISBN-10 by the governing board, even though they are not used. We provide them to you as a reference only. If I purchase an ISBN from can I use it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble? Yes. What is the imprint name for the ISBN I received through The imprint name you will need to use on other sites is "BookPatch LLC, The". Do I need a different ISBN for each book I write/wrote? Yes, each book you write must have its own ISBN assigned to it. This also included books in a series (part 1 & 2). I need to update the text in my book, do I need a new ISBN for the new version? No, the ISBN that is assigned to your book includes updates and revisions. Can I purchase an ISBN from for an eBook? Yes. If you purchase the Enhanced or Premium Package you will need to email us the text as a PDF and the cover as a jpg since we would not have them on our system. These are required and the registration will not be completed until we receive them. Email files to info@ . Can I use the ISBN I purchased for my paper book for my eBook? No, each media needs its own ISBN number. How do I get the barcode on the back of my book? You have two options: cover generator will automatically create the barcode for you when you enter the 13 digit ISBN and the retail price. Download an image from our site to use while designing your cover somewhere else ( get instructions ). How do I get my barcode image that came with the Premium Package? Click here to view the instructions on how to download the barcode image. If I change the retail price of my book do I need a new ISBN? No. eBooks: Can I sell my eBooks on Yes you can sell the electronic version of your book but you must have the printed version uploaded first and it must be listed in the bookstore. Can TheBookPatch help me create the eBook files? Sorry, TheBookPatch is not set up to create the eBook files. You will need to create them elsewhere and upload them to TheBookPatch for sale. The eBook I downloaded has mistakes like typos, grammar and layout, why is it sold this way? The eBooks we sell on our site were created and uploaded by the author. We are not responsible for these issues. Is there a fee to sell my eBook on We take one dollar (US) from each eBook sold. Your eBook must be listed for a minimum of one dollar (US). How much does it cost to upload my file(s)? Nothing. We do not charge you to upload your files. What file types can I upload and sell? You can upload an ePub, mobi or PDF and are not required to have all three, you can upload any combination of the three file types. You can always come back and upload the missing file type(s) when you get it. There is no cost to upload the files. What is the wholesale pricing? The author does not have to purchase the eBook since they already have the file to upload so there would not be a wholesale price for eBooks. Am I required to set the retail price at a certain dollar amount? You can set the retail price at what ever price you want. We require that the minimum price be set to one dollar (US). Can I change the retail price for my eBooks? Yes you can change the retail price whenever you want ( get instructions ). Can I set the retail price differently for each format? No. The retail price will be the same for all of the formats you upload. Can I upload an update to my file(s)? Yes. You can always upload a new version of each of the file types separately at no cost to you ( get instructions ). Can I see how many times my eBook has been purchased? Yes. Look in the Electronic Files section on the book's detail page and the number of books sold will be listed under the price. Can I see how many times my eBook has been downloaded? Yes. Look in the Electronic Files section on the book's detail page and the number of times an eBook version has been downloaded will be displayed at the book of each version's column. How does the person buying the eBook pick which format they want? When an eBook is sold the person purchasing it can download all of the formats you have uploaded and have listed in the bookstore. When do I get paid for the sales of my eBook? Author profit checks will be mailed out at the same time the profit checks for the printed books get sent. This usually happens on the 15th of each month depending if it falls on a weekday or not. If it falls on a weekend or holiday, profit checks are processed and mailed the following business day. I just purchased an eBook, where do I download the files? Go to the My Account page and click on the My eBooks tab. There you can select which format you want and download it. How do I cancel an order? All orders must be canceled before midnight (AZ time) on the same day the order was placed. If it is not canceled by then, the order can not be canceled and refunded. If you are still within the time frame to cancel the order, the order can not be canceled if you have already downloaded the eBook ( get instructions ). I have listed my eBook in the bookstore but it is not showing up. Why? An eBook will not show up in the bookstore if the printable version is not listed in the bookstore. Once you list your printable version in the bookstore you will see the eBooks listed as well. Privacy/Security: Who owns the copyright to my work? You do. We own nothing. You can also share copyright with other authors that contribute to a book, but only if you choose to do so. Who can read/view my work? Only the people you allow to. Can I make my book COMPLETELY private so that nobody else can see it? Yes. You can keep works 100% private from everyone. To keep the search engines from seeing your book be sure to check these instructions . Where do you store all TheBookPatch material? We store them on extremely secure servers that are located within the safeguards of a bank. No for real, they are literally in a bank. Is my personal information private and secure on TheBookPatch? Yes. We won't sell or share your information with anyone. Please read our privacy policy for complete details. General: Who is behind TheBookPatch? TheBookPatch was actually created by New York Times #1 bestselling author Victor Ostrovsky. What are the technical requirements to use TheBookPatch? Anyone on a PC or Mac with an Internet connection can use We recommend using either Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, or Safari.

If you already have a completed book saved as a PDF, you can upload your book, and cover as a JPG, using a PC or Mac.

Do you have any writing contests? No, but sometimes we like to give things away. Is there an age-limit/minimum? No, but anyone under 18 should have approval from a parent/guardian before joining. Do you offer eBooks, audio books or digital books? We current offer the ability to sell eBooks and we plan on offer audio books soon. Can anyone search for my book(s) on Google, or any other search engine? Yes. By default all books can be searched through any of the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) unless you designate it not to be ( get instructions ). What payment methods do you accept? We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, DiscoverCard, Diners Club Internation and JCB. We do not accept gift cards or checks. How do I change the binding of my book? Unfortunately you can not. You will have to create a new book with the new binding and re-upload your book and create your cover. When I log into and click on a link, I am returned to the Login page. Why does this happen? requires that Cookies be activated. The steps required to enable cookies on your particular web browser will vary depending on which browser and which browser version you're using. Click on the browser name for instructions for that browser: Internet Explorer , Chrome , Firefox , Opera and Safari . I don't see a category that fits my book idea. Can I get a category added? Yes, fill out the form on the contact page and let us know what you would like us to add. Please include an e-mail address so we can contact you when it's completed. Why does the site keep asking me to install Silverlight on my Mac even after I have already installed it? For some reason the Silverlight plug-in that comes with the Mac OS will not always work. If you are asked to install Silverlight after you have already done so please refer to these instructions . They will explain how to uninstall the current Silverlight plug-in and install it again properly. Design Layout: What kinds of documents do you accept for printing? We accept 1 PDF for the interior and bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, tif, tiff for the cover. No PDF is able to be uploaded for a cover. How do I format my PDF? When creating the interior of your book with bleeds, we recommend that you fade out your images about 1/8 inch from the edge of the paper or leave a white border on all four sides. This bleed is kept within the desired printed size when creating the document and pdf.

To make sure your PDF prints correctly we suggest embedding all fonts and images in your PDF, we are not responsible for anything printed incorrectly if these items are not embedded. Creating the PDF as a PDF/X version (we suggest PDF/X-1a:2001) will ensure the fonts and images are embedded.

How big should my margins be? Use the table below to find the margin sizes that best fits the number of pages in your book.

Page Count Inside Margin Outside Margins up to 300 pages 0.5" at least 0.5" 301 to 500 pages 0.625" at least 0.5" 501 to 700 pages 0.75" at least 0.5" 701 to 842 pages 0.875" at least 0.5" Where do I find cover dimensions/template? Cover dimensions and template are available after you have uploaded the pdf and are in the process of creating a cover. How do I get my pen name to show up on my cover? You would do this in the cover wizard. The names you enter in the "Edit Front Cover Author Name" option will be the names that will show up on your cover and in the bookstore. Even if you are uploading a cover that you created somewhere else you will still need to enter the correct information in this area. Now that you are offering the cover design service, can I still use the cover wizard for free? Yes, you can still use the cover wizard for free. The cover design service is for anyone that wants to take their cover to the next level. Does my book have to have an even number of pages? If you don't have an even number of pages our system will add a page with our imprint on it to make up the difference.

To avoid having our imprint on the last page, please make sure you upload a PDF that has an even number of pages.

Paid Professional Services: Does the Professional Cover Design Service replace the cover wizard? No. The Professional Cover Design Service is to help authors take their covers to the next level and not meant to replace the wizard. I wrote my book using the text editor on, can I still purchase one of the Professional Text Formatting Services for that? Absolutely. Thinking Out of the Box with TheBookPatch: What other types of things can TheBookPatch be used for? Educational uses, business uses, gifts and fund-raising purposes are a few things our feeble minds can think of, but we are really looking to users to define the limits of TheBookPatch. Can I use TheBookPatch for Business? Of course. Store business documents that can be accessed anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Share them with co-workers or other collaborators across the world and collaborate with them in real time.

As compared to something like Google docs, TheBookPatch has a couple of advantages, one being the ability to have multiple story lines so that people can take business reports different directions at the same time, and add their contributions.

Can I use TheBookPatch for educational purposes? Yes. Both teachers and students can find many uses in TheBookPatch. Have a class writing project or are you concentrating on short stories or poems? Why not put them together to create a class book?

We have more ideas on our best practices page.

Can I use TheBookPatch to fundraise? Yep. What better way to fund-raise than by creating a book. If you are with an animal shelter or rescue why not ask your members to write inspirations stories of their pets? You can then sell this book to others to help fund-raise.

Find more ideas on our best practices page.

How can I use the BookPatch for gift-giving? Friends and families can come together to write memories of events, loved ones or on certain themes. For example, if you are a family that is spread out far and wide (or even close), why not write a special memoir of "mom" or "growing up in Brooklyn" that can then be printed and given as gifts? Writing Advancement: How can TheBookPatch help advance my writing career? There are many ways depending on where you are at. No matter what level you are at you can use the writing tools to help organize your thoughts and overall book; you can gather feedback from trusted friends or complete strangers; you can browse the forums for topics that are relevant to writing; you can find a graphic designer for your cover or an editor for you book.

For those who are advanced, you can (and should) print a "finished" book to send to publishers and agents. This not only shows your ability to complete a work, but your professionalism and resourcefulness.

Of course, with our prior contacts in the writing and publishing business, agents and publishers will undoubtedly be browsing our site in search of new works to pick-up.

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